How to Reduce Online Shopping Cart Abandonment by Optimizing the Checkout

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Shopping cart abandonment is a very frequent process observed by all e-commerce websites. It is equivalent to walking into the store, collecting items but not purchasing them. In E-commerce words, it means when shoppers add items to a website’s shopping cart, but leave before finishing the transaction. This has been regarded as a problem now which is the need of the hour for the businesses to overcome it.

One of the ways to tackle this problem is to build trust and credibility during checkout. This can be done by clearly specifying what the shopper is paying for and sticking to the delivery time promise. According to market research, it has been found out that people are reluctant to provide with their contact details, improvement in that area could be appreciated. You need to make your customer believe that the product is good and needs to be bought. A specific time for the product to be in the cart can be specified.

Reinforce the benefits throughout checkout:

The check out page can be made more attractive by using such lines which will make the customer buy the product. “Free shipment” or “Delivery within 2-3 days” will force the customer to not abandon the cart and purchase what they like. People also prefer COD more and so that can be made a top priority option before checkout.

Offer guest checkout items:

Yes, this is a risk since it will turn the sweet customer friendly websites to a little selfish but this has been regarded as the most strong way to reduce cart abandonment. This is basically forcing the customer to buy the product by telling them if they don’t the price of the product might just increase or on the next purchase, the shipping might be slowed. Customers might refrain themselves from going back to your website but it will surely reduce cart abandonment issues.

Optimize your page load items:

It is not always the customer at fault for leaving the cart, it is sometimes the website’s problem where the page doesn’t load. Work can be done on that as well for quick and safe purchase.

Use re-marketing to target abandoners:

This is nothing but luring the customer to purchase what they abandoned. Showing advertisements on other social media sites of their desired product is a good way to bring them back to your website and close the deal. Re-marketing helps you bring back your customers that you might lose along the way.

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